Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cop Watch- Los Angeles Statement of Solidarity

This is so beautifully stated, Thank you Cop Watch:

Cop Watch Los Angeles - South Central Chapter:

In Defense of Our Muslim Sisters and Brothers. Fight Racial Profiling and White Supremacy.In sight: In danger from the U.S. Imperialist War on the World The U.S. Imperialist war on the world continues to escalate and their plans at home grow more dangerous.

These attacks target us all not just our Muslim brothers and sisters but all our communities. Recently the LAPigD publicly announced the legalization of racial profiling in order to protect white privilege and capitalist interest. They announced their plans to map and identify Muslim communities throughout Los Angeles. They later came out and said that, due to public pressure, they would reconsider such a plan.

However, those of us who know anything about this imperialist establishment are well aware of double speak where they say one thing and do another. We are well aware of the LAPD track record ontelling the truth or inability to do so. Just recently they publicly announced plans not to tow vehicles of undocumented drivers and went on to change the policy 2 days later. Amerikkka’s history is a story of lies and deceit, murder and genocide. A disgusting record of committing genocide on the peoples of the Americas, the enslavement of our African brother and sisters, the Jim crow laws, the Chinese exclusion act, the brazero program, the swift Raid etc etc etc.

The LAPigD did not fall far from the tree bred with a history of racism and violence that have terrorized our communities since their inception.Our brothers and sisters who are driven from their homelands by the effects of neo-liberal policies only to live in fear from the police and immigration, find no peace as pawns of this empire that exploits them for their labor and devalues them as human beings referring to them as“illegals” or “aliens”.

We should not forget the actions of this government during World War 2 when they uprooted and relocated more than 120,000 Japanese people in Amerikkka from their homes and sent them to internment camps. Now our Muslim brothers and sisters are being targeted and put at risk by xenophobic security forces who view all people of color as the enemy.

We will not sit silently while there is oppression and racism. We will not only stand in solidarity but defend our Muslim brothers and sisters who are being scapegoated just like we stand in solidarity with colonized people who are being rounded up by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). We will wage resistance and take direct action against the police state.

All Power THROUGH the People!

Cop Watch LA - South Central

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